Want to sell your photography in galleries but don't know where to start...?

Present your photos in a way that is appealing to the buyer, yet cost effective for you.

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From: Eric Zachary Ryder, Fine Art Photographer

The Big Picture: Taking Your Photography to the Next Level is a practical guide for the advanced-amateur photographer seeking to professionally present themselves and their work, whether it be for exhibition or sale, or simply for the living room wall. There are plenty of resources out there to help people take better pictures; this guide is geared toward a business, not a technical, point of view.

You've built up a nice little portfolio - what's next?

My name is Eric Ryder and I am a photographer and consultant, by trade. I have a permanent presence in a well-regarded gallery in the Napa Valley, and several other large venues. I've been down this road before, and want to share my knowledge of what it takes to sell your prized images. Everything from your best online options to the most effective business cards to examples of a Press Release and other important documentation. The information presented here is not as simple to find as you might think; surfing the web led me down more wrong paths than right ones. This book aims to help you avoid my mistakes.

You need help getting to the next level

This guide will answer the following questions:

• How do you mount, mat, and frame your work for sale and/or exhibition?
• What kind of documentation do you need when selling fine art?"
• Where can you realistically sell your work?
• What sizes should you start with?
• What materials should you be using?
• What can you do yourself, and what should you pay someone else to do?
• How can you save money on materials?
• How do you market your work?
• How much money should you expect to make?
• How much will it cost you to mount and frame your work?
• What else do you need to know to sell your work?

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Here are a few testimonials from my readers

Dear Eric,

I am writing to tell you a story about the impact your E-book had for me. I am a very amature photographer who has been shooting for a few years. I have come to simply love photography and about two years ago I started donating framed photographs to nonprofits for their silent auctions. They always sold well and I received great feedback, which inspired me to do more donations because it was so fun to see someone, or several “someones”, bid on the art. So, recently I had a conversation with a friend who owns a very busy community coffee house. He invited me to show my photographs– a real exhibit! I was so excited, and a nervous wreck all at once. I talked to a portrait photographer colleague about the best ways to frame, etc. He sent me to a framer in town who he thought would be helpful. Long story short – I hated what the framer was trying to convince me to do. Just did not feel right, and it was really expensive. So, I sat down at my computer and googled “how to frame photographs for exhibit” and your e-book came up. I immediately downloaded it and I must say it was the best $11.95 I have ever spent! Thank you for all the practical advice and links to resources. I had 16 photos to matt and frame, and your advice saved me lots of money and frustration. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise!

My show was up for three months, and I sold 5 pieces. I had made arrangements to donate half of the net proceeds to a local charity, and so the coffee house waived their fees. They got nice publicity, the charity gets a little money, and I had the most wonderful experience of having my first photography show.

Thank you so very much ~

Carol A. Hass, Long Beach, CA

Thank you! I've been looking for a no-nonsense book to help me get started selling my photography. Your advice is direct and to the point; links to material suppliers; exact pictorial directions on mounting, matting, and framing; easy to understand and implement. I was about to make a big mistake in framing- you saved me 10 times the price of the eBook. David Lu, Jacksonville, FL

Love it. I found the sample documents to be exactly what I needed. Good job. Anthony Fiorello, New York, NY

Get Started!

Personally, I spent thousands of dollars getting started selling my work in a few venues. I'm somewhat embarrassed to admit that most of that amount was wasted because I didn’t understand the business. I invested in the wrong frames, mats, glass, etc. In a variation of Murphy’s Law, everything I could do wrong, I did - in spite of my research. To my frustration, I was unable to find the answers to some fairly basic questions. Thus, I took forays I shouldn’t have: shortcuts, poor quality materials, and paying someone to do the work I could have done myself, (if I’d only known how). I wrote this book to chronicle my experience for others who'd like to get thier images out into the marketplace, generating income. I only wish someone had written this book for me! It will quickly and easily pay for itself - and if, for any reason, you are not satified, just return it and I'll refund your money, no questions asked.

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In Closing

The Big Picture is a practical guide to preparing your work for presentation and sale. You will learn the best materials to buy and where to get them; a step-by-step pictorial on how to mount and frame a print like a professional; how to "set up shop" with an online porfolio, business card design, and other marketing material; how to approach a gallery or other venue with your work; and much more! All with a money-back guarantee.