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Brandi Lynn Ryder was born in a small town in California's scenic Gold Country and raised on a steady diet of stories, from the local lore to Dickens and Poe. She began writing at a prodigious age, completing her first story at four and writing a novel at the age of nine: a mystery à la the Hardy Boys, called Treasure under the Nile (typed on her mother’s Smith-Corona and bound in cardboard and construction paper). Her adult writing is influenced by her many passions: art, philosophy, travel, literature, classic movies and all things European. She graduated summa cum laude from San Jose State University, with Honors in English, and now lives in the heart of Napa Valley where she draws inspiration from the stunning landscape, gourmet cuisine, the local beverage and her beloved cat, Murphy.


In Malice, Quite Close is Brandi Lynn Ryder’s first novel. She is currently working on a loose sequel, entitled Like a Guilty Thing, which is taken from Hamlet: "It started, like a guilty thing upon a fearful summons…" In this case, the summons is an invitation to an art exhibition sent anonymously to each of Robin Dresden's elite group of art students. When previously unknown works of the artistic prodigy Daniel Ekland surface five years after his death, they spell out events that each of the students—and Robin—would rather keep secret. Ultimately, the paintings unravel the riddle surrounding Daniel's mysterious death, in which everyone is more than a little guilty. The novel takes us deeper into Robin Dresden's world of art and illusion and the dangerous philosophies he passes on to his students, which have effects that even he cannot anticipate.


She would like to welcome you all to Devon— particularly the friends and family who have been so supportive while she disappeared inside….


Thank you for coming. I’d love to hear from you!!



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